Acquire an 'Obliviscere Mori'

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From: Station VIII: A Courier's Meeting

"How about this one?" Pinnock digs his nose into a pile of scraps. "Interested in 'startled and overjoyed to have returned from death'? Getting rare, that is."

Unlocked with Collection Note: There's a 'Package' in London, First Delivery 2 (hidden)


[…] the white king from a chess set. "From the stink of this, the owner took up chess after they came back […] An' lost the piece before they died again. That's for the best – your second time […] is never the same. It would have dulled the potency […]"


Description summary:
The final paragraph varies with Airs of VIII Air Harder.

AirsSecond Paragraph of Description
5 - 8"Sniffed this one out meself, I did. Got a fine redolence. Unmistakable." It is impressive how a ratty face can look so smug.
10 - 19Pinnock shakes his head. "You will not believe the difficulty I 'ad with this. A lot of work it was – not just tracking it down, but getting it 'ere. You better appreciate it."
20 - 29"Came upon this while 'elping me Relicker sort scraps. 'Ad to distract 'er so I could set it aside." He sighs. "It was too easy to do. I do worry about 'er, sometimes."
30 - 39"Sometimes I regret this magnificent nose of mine. Too sensitive for some of the stenches you get 'ere. But, but! Finding things like this is where it comes into its own!" Pinnock taps the side of his snout with a claw.
40 - 49"Heard about this from a family living in the walls of the relevant abode. No, I won't tell you where – not having you cuttin' in on my business."
50 - 57Pinnock nods approvingly. "Been training one of me youngans to follow in my footsteps. 'E was so excited when 'e brought this to me. Made me 'eart swell, it did."
60 - 69"It's one of the benefits of workin' with a Relicker – variety. And the opportunity to do a little freelancin' on the side. […] I like to think that us rats keep half of London goin' with our schemes. Wouldn't find stuff like this without us."
70 - 79"I consider it an example of my upstandin' status as a businessrat that I 'aven't asked – not once – what these are bein' used for." Pinnock gives you a meaningful stare. "Not asked. Not even once."
80 - 84"These are gettin' 'arder to find, you know. No ordinary rat could have acquired this." Pinnock stretches his neck; it makes a cracking sound. "But, because I like you, I won't raise me prices. Well, not right now."
92 - 100Pinnock gives the item one last sniff. "Not all rats can detect sentiment, you know. It takes a refined nose. I'm like a sentiment sommelier. Not that my pay'd be any indicator."

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