Alchemy at Station VIII (Guide)

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Ah, welcome to the Station near Factory VIII. You wish to know what are we doing here, yes? Well, most of it is confidential, but when did that ever stop you? Today I will explain the basics of chemical experiments on pure sentiments that we are conducting here, or, as I like to call it, Alchemy.


When you arrive to Station VIII, you will find a few new opportunities present themselves. One of these opportunities is cooking food in a kitchen nearby. Another is the subject of this guide. While most of those reagents are not particularly useful, they provide access to three Tier 8 items. They also have applications in the above mentioned kitchen and other places.

Getting Started[edit]

In order to conduct experiments, you need to first find where they are conducted. Of course, the Overseer would not allow you to even come close to the place, so you need to sneak in after working hours and find the door in question yourself. You will also need Necessary Paperwork to pick up sentiments from Pinnock in London. Just follow the Station VIII storyline and you will get it eventually.


Making a reagent is as easy as one-two-three!

  1. In Station VIII, get a permission to collect "the goods"
  2. In London, meet with the Pinnock and acquire a sentiment
  3. In Station VIII, transform the sentiment into a reagent

In total, you will spend 5 actions per reagent including travel time.

Table of Reagents[edit]

Sentiment Reagent Cost Alternative reagent sources One-time uses Repeatable uses
Obliviscere Mori Crystallised Euphoria Free[1]
  • A Transaction with Mr Fires
  • Rip out the words (With Discordant Studies 1 and Steward 6)
  • Sell an Exceptional Thesis to The Wistful Stoker
  • p] WHITSUN Sell an Invigorated Pelagic Egg to De Gustibus
Prepare a Solacefruit Champagne Royale
Elation at Feline Oration Oil of Companionship Preach a doctrine of community in your Burrow Church Dig up a Prismatic Frame in the St8tion
Vindication of Faith Salve of Righteousness Dedicate the Church to Saint Cecilia
Exhilaration from Achieving Justice Distillation of Retribution Milking a Hellworm None
Horrifying Confirmation that you were Right All Along Concentrate of Self None Several recipes in the Kitchen
Unthinkable Hope Powder of Renewal Ha! You wish Open a daughter-church at Station VIII[3] Trade it for the Secret College
  1. Can be obtained for 3x Sworn Statement without going to London
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Does not consume the reagent in question
  3. Requires the sentiment and not the reagent

Other Alchemical Substances[edit]

There are a few other things falling under the purview of this guide. The first ones are Halcyonic Tonic and Fillip of Effervescence. You can get one of them at random by marking a crate during a tour. It costs 1x Extraordinary Implication and 3 actions.
You need both of these items to upgrade your canteen to level 4 and to progress the Watchful Gains storyline. Either of those can be sold on The Railway and the Great Game card with the Tonic giving you 200x Fistful of Surface Currency and 65x Well-Placed Pawn and the Fillip for 5x Knob of Scintillack. These are not great investments, but they let you recover some money and time spent on getting the item you don't need. Fillip of Effervescence can also be used for a Champagne Royale and Halcyonic Tonic can be sold to the Nonspecific Academic in University in London for 5x Dark-Dewed Cherry, 10x Hand-picked Peppercaps and 35x Jasmine Leaves.

Next up, we have Holy Sanguinarine Ointment(also obtainable from Gaider's Mourn) and Discriminating Aconite(available in the Prelapsarian Museum). These are only useful to craft A Tasting Flight of Targeted Toxins and obtain A Stalking Stone Shadow Beyond the Glass. Not much more to say.

Secret College (Obtainable via Powder of Renewal) is really good if you're a nerd who spends any time doing research in lab. Like, really really good. Seriously, it's the most useful T8 by a large margin.

Cost Analysis[edit]

Crystallised Euphoria can be obtained for 5 actions or 3 actions + 3x Sworn Statement. The former is actually better because travelling between St8tion and London twice will net you 2x Rumour of the Upper River, so those 2 extra actions earn you E 5 in addition to saving you E 7.5.