Station VIII: A Courier's Meeting

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Description summary:
The description varies with the hidden First Delivery quality.

First DeliveryDescription
1This is the time and the place mentioned on the note from Station VIII […] "You got the paperwork? Good. […]" A vast 'rat' […] shoves its nose out from a pile of scraps: Pinnock, the Shivering Relicker's companion. […] "[…] Which order you collectin'?"
2The meeting place is the same as before. […] Pinnock climbs out of a pile of rags […] "All right then. Which order you collectin'? […]" […] "I assume you've got the payment? This stuff cost me. I'm not a bleedin' charity, and especially not for them."

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Unlocked with Collection Note: There's a 'Package' in London

Storylet appears in Fallen London


With First Delivery exactly 1:


Show Pinnock the Overseer's message

With First Delivery 2:


Acquire an 'Obliviscere Mori'


Acquire some 'Elation at Feline Oration'


Acquire some 'Vindication of Faith'


Acquire some 'Exhilaration from Achieving Justice'

Meteors red.png

Acquire some 'Unthinkable Hope'