Ambition Nemesis – A Bath of Cider

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Description summary:
The description depends on the level of Ambition: Nemesis quality.

2200"A very tasteful internment. It speaks to excellent character," […] one last thing to do. The bath must be warmed – it would be disastrous to wake the dead cold. […] Cups turns its attention to a set of fat ale-barrels […] stamped with the print of an apple.
2300[…] the candles […] must all be lit at once […] an impossible task for two – the Capering and the Shivering Relickers […] assist. Seven hundred and seventy seven candle flames soon flicker […]

[…] Mr Cups steps forward, bearing a knife. "Now," […] "We may begin."

2400Cups gathers its things, hurriedly wishing both of you the very best. […] Then Cups hurtles from the amphitheater […] as though Hell and all its wretched ministers were at its back. The Relickers follow […] leaving you entirely alone, but for the bath.
2500[…] You are alone in the quiet with the one you lost, and walked through blood to regain. They do not remember you. They turn to you, smiling, and then look up at the cavern roof, speckled with false-stars. They gasp. They do not remember you.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Approach Mr Cups

Storylet appears in The Forgotten Quarter


Assist in the preparations
Conclude the rite
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis exactly 2300



    Blood on bone


Your Loved One

Watch what ensues (Brother)
Watch what ensues (Daughter)
Watch what ensues (Lover)
Watch what ensues (Spouse)


Leave the ampitheatre
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis exactly 2500



    An end to all that was

    Success Instructions: You have completed your ambition, but countless more stories await in Fallen London. There is also a short epilogue to be found in your Opportunity Deck. Every four weeks, Time the Healer will unlock a special reward storylet in your lodgings. We have ensured the first instalment will come more quickly. From all of us at Failbetter Games: congratulations, and thank you.