The Forgotten Quarter

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This location has a card deck. Click the deck to see it.
A remnant of the Fourth City, which the Bazaar acquired five hundred years ago. Statues of warrior-kings line silent avenues. A fountain shaped like a silver tree stands before a ruined palace at its heart.

See Category:The Forgotten Quarter for cards or storylets that are found in this place or location.

See Category:The Forgotten Quarter Moves for actions that change player location to this location.

Unlocked with Route: The Forgotten Quarter
Temporary Unlock: A trip to the Forgotten Quarter or Take her to the Forgotten Quarter

Main Quality: Watchful 60+

This location has access to the Bazaar.

Music: Labyrinth of Tigers


  • Card deck: This location uses the main Fallen London deck.
    • There are no cards that can only be drawn in this location.
  • This location forms part of the main Fallen London setting. All locations within the main setting share the same hand and deck. Moving between other locations of the main setting does not affect the hand or the deck size, with the exception of adding or removing location-specific cards to/from the deck.
  • The deck in this location is limited to 6 cards (or 10 cards for Exceptional Friends).
  • The hand size in this location is determined by your Lodgings.
  • If you leave this location and come back later you will start with all the cards that were in your hand when left, except the cards whose unlock requirements you no longer satisfy.

Regular storylets available at the Forgotten Quarter[edit]

Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
Understanding the Correspondence A distinctly cautious approach A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 5-6 Watchful 78 Cryptic Clue x 39
A decidedly incautious approach A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 5-6
Set of Correspondence Stones x 1
Watchful 81 Cryptic Clue x 40
Nightmares +1 CP
Appalling Secret x 1
Nightmares +4 CP
Wounds +1 CP
A tour of the quarter The exploitation of knowledge A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 5 Watchful 82 Jade Fragment x 82
Rare success:
Flawed Diamond x 2
Jade Fragment x 82
Scandal +1 CP
Call in favours in the Forgotten Quarter The dead men's chest Favours: Tomb-Colonies 210 Primordial Shriek
-1 Favours: Tomb-Colonies
A curious knot Favours: Rubbery Men 420 Nodule of Deep Amber
-1 Favours: Rubbery Men
A soothing sight Favours: Hell 420 Nevercold Brass Sliver
-1 Favours: Hell
Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter

Becoming an Archaeologist[edit]

See Forgotten Quarter Expeditions (Guide)

Requirement: Not a A Scholar of the Correspondence

Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
Gathering reliable staff Hire a university student Watchful 66 - 76 Watchful 67 Moon-Pearl x 66 Nightmares +1 CP
Hire a Clay Man Watchful 66 - 76 Watchful 67 Cryptic Clue x 33 Suspicion +1 CP
Relics! More relics! Go exploring on your own Watchful 73
Archaeologist 1
Watchful 76 Jade Fragment x 76 Nightmares +? CP
Stay near your expedition Watchful 73
Archaeologist 1
Watchful 74 Relic of the Fourth City x 14 Nightmares +1 CP

A Scholar of the Correspondence[edit]

Requirement: A Scholar of the Correspondence

Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
Reaping the academic benefits A public lecture 87 Watchful Dubious Testimony
+1 Suspicion
+2 Suspicion
A few quiet seminars Prisoner's Mask 84 Watchful 21 Proscribed Material +1 Nightmares
The Correspondence: more material Improvise a telescope Patent Scrutinizer 81 Watchful 40 Cryptic Clue +? Suspicion