An Arranger of Nuptial Phantasies

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Shared a Phantasie of the BazaarDescription
0A Shopkeeper in a Viric Suit offers to sell you a reverie of lasting love. Each purchase buys you three trance-dreams. A seeming-lifetime, […] (What colour is Viric? It's the colour of the borderlands of Parabola, a shade southeast of green.)
1A Shopkeeper in a Viric Suit nods to you. "Another marriage to another dream-spouse? All the wedded joy, no costly divorce!"
2-3When you walk up, the Shopkeeper in the Viric Suit points you out to another customer. "This is one of my regulars, back for another night-marriage! You see how satisfied the customers are."
4The Shopkeeper in Viric smiles, but there is something sad in their expression. "It's difficult," they say, "when you want something so badly but it's not to be had while you're awake."
5-30"You know the selection," says the Shopkeeper in Viric, as you look over the wares. "But I'm glad to answer any questions, of course."
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Game Instructions: Increase Masquing by taking part in the Feast. When you buy from the Shopkeeper, you'll receive three opportunity cards that tell a story of your life with a potential partner. You may only dream of one partner at a time. The trances also offer unusual items in reward.

Unlocked with London's Season: The Feast of the Exceptional Rose is present (World Quality, now locked)

Storylet appears in Veilgarden


Buy a Trance-Dream of Mr Wines
Buy a trance-dream of Sinning Jenny
Buy a trance-dream of the Cheery Man
Buy a trance-dream of the Gracious Widow
Buy a trance-dream of the Bishop of Southwark
Ask the Shopkeeper in Viric about the purpose of these stories