An Evening of Palaeontological Discussion

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From: Under the Statue at Burrow-Infra-Mump

A Benthic scholar of your acquaintance has regular gatherings where like-minded scholars gather to examine whatever they dug up recently. You could bring your skeleton.

Game Instructions: Gain Connected: Benthic proportional to your skeleton's overall quality and support for a counter-Church theology. This will not consume your skeleton.

Unlocked with Skeleton in Progress, Burrow-Infra-Mump Commemorative Development exactly 2 (Put up a statue honouring your Custom-Made Saint)

Locked with Connected: Benthic 41


Sherry and Bones

The evening is a crescendo of shocked gasping as skeleton after skeleton is unveiled, each one more self-evidently implausible than the previous one, and each one presented to an ever more lubricated audience.


Description summary:
The second paragraph varies with Skeleton: Support for a Counter-church Theology.

Theological ImplicationsCrowd Reaction
0-2Response to your skeleton is positive, but a little muted. Later, a Tired-Eyed Adjunct admits: "We were hoping for something a little more... theologically stimulating."
3-5Your skeleton elicits substantial attention, and is fortunate enough to escape one of the many wine spills […] "Incredible," says one Tired-Eyed Adjunct. "My friends at the Working Group for Cryptozoological Hagiography will be terrifically jealous."
6+Your skeleton is the belle of this ball. "Never have I seen so many hypotheses confirmed at once," says one […] Adjunct from the […] Group for Cryptozoological Hagiography. "Does anyone have any charcoal? I should take down some sketches before I faint."

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