An Unorthodox Arrangement

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From: The High Castle: What Occurs in a Rooftop Shack

"Favours in high places," the Ascetic Parliamentarian says, as he leans out over the dizzying drop below your shack. (For a moment you think you might lose him.) "[…] Permit me to use it untroubled for a week, and I'll put the word about […]"

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Game Instructions: This will exchange your Favours in High Places for a substantial quantity of Making Waves.

Unlocked with A Person of Some Importance -, 1 x Favours: Society, 1 x Favour in High Places, 1 x Key to a Rooftop Shack


A quiet time

"Write you into the… stories, as it were." He looks at you over his pince-nez. "You know what it means, to be Notable? London is a web. The Bazaar waits at its centre." […] "But the Bazaar is nothing without us. That's the problem with metaphor."

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Rare Success

An unusual insight

[…]He looks […] towards the roof. "But better the Bazaar, they say, than the merciless light of suns." His voice grows softer. "Do you recall how the Bazaar came to that place? Why they suffered their lightnings and shapeful disgrace?" He shakes his head[…]

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