An over-engineered tub

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From: Mssr. M 's Marvellous Estate Sale

It looks like a bathtub had an intimate encounter with a steam engine. The card placed before it reads: 'Made in 1862 for the late Mssr. M_____, who loathed cold water. Subsequently decommissioned by the Tragedy Commission.'

Game Instructions: This item grants Artisan of the Red Science, Dangerous and Bizarre. It goes in your Home Comfort slot.

Unlocked with 30 x Estival Tokens

Locked with Overwrought Bathtub


Unnecessary controls

[…] The pages that have not been redacted by an overzealous censor enumerate which valves, faucets and levers control […] water temperature – and which ones perform improbable torsions on the membrane of reality.

The tub requires […] two Clay Man to transport […]

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