Appeal to the old ladies' better natures

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From: Does the seller of sugared mushrooms still have your soul?

Maybe if you ask very nicely, they'll relent and stop sniggering long enough to help you.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are strongly against you here (success chance: 20-30%)"-30" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 20.


A roundabout tale

One old lady, swaddled in a filthy green shawl […] admits to selling the sweets to the urchins […]" Thora, who only has three teeth, is less cooperative. […] He'd always wanted to go on the grand ride, Beneath the Neath. To the Carnival!

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A distinct lack of compassion

These old women spend their days gossiping […] One assures you she gave your soul in change to the Duchess […] gave it to Jack-of-Smiles to […] you'll find it under her skirts […] they have to clutch the gallows' edge to stay upright.

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