Appointing a Parish Council

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The Delightful Reverend pushes across three folders to you. "These are purely advisory. This is a partnership."

[…] "Do remember: […] If we are felt to be too closely aligned to the values of either the Anglican Church or of Hell, we might lose Burrow. […]

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Game Instructions: All choices here affect the ideological makeup of your church. The Bishop's inspection will depend upon the overall balance of your church rather than any individual choice. There will be many opportunities to adjust this balance as you progress with the church.

Unlocked with A Church in the Wild exactly 9

Storylet appears in Fallen London


Inquire what the Bishop is looking for
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    Action Cost: 0



    The changeable church

Appoint a Deacon
Appoint a Catechist
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Appoint a Lay Minister
Change your mind
Confirm your choices