Armed with knowledge, talk to the Ginger-Haired Painter.

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From: Ambition: Light Fingers! 5

The man opens the door to you a little grumpily, bleary-eyed and dressing-gowned. He apologises. "Didn't sleep well last night. Rats in my studio, I think. Keep an eye out. What did you want?"

Challenge information

Broad, Persuasive 25

  • 18 - very chancy (43%)
  • 22 - chancy (52%)
  • 26 - modest (62%)
  • 30 - very modest (72%)
  • 34 - low-risk (81%)
  • 38 - straightforward (91%)
  • 42 - straightforward (100%)



[…] "Is that Mr Fires?" you ask. […]

He beams. It is! […] They've come, he reminds you, to save us. […] the lamp in the painting. […] Does Mr Fires carry one? He lays his finger alongside his nose. "No! But isn't it handsome?"

[…] Time to go to Wolfstack Docks.

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Success Instructions: Wolfstack Docks are available from the map.


Bats and cutlery

[…] his eye keeps wandering to the paintings on the wall. Eventually he comes back to you, but he obviously has no idea what you've been talking about. […] he nods as if he understands, but he quite suddenly begins talking about bats. Bats! […]

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