Arrange a safehouse for the Unlucky Gambler

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From: The Alleys of London: the Criminals

The gentleman wagered more than he had, and lost. The Law is after him. Worse, so are his creditors. Can you find somewhere for him to hide?

Game Instructions: Exchange 3 Favours for a unique gift.

Unlocked with Manacles.png 3 x Favours: Criminals, Manacles.png Renown: Criminals 10

Locked with Cardsinged.png 1 x Ace of Hats


A sign of thanks

Fortunately for him, some of London's more shadowy denizens are in your debt. […] The Unlucky Gambler soon heads off to […] a hidden cell […]

[…] he is playing solitaire. He […] He passes the Ace of Hats to you. "This was my lucky charm. […]"

[Find the rest of the story at]

Success Instructions: A gift from your Criminal associates. Might there be more as your Renown increases? Search London to find out.