Favours: Criminals

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You've done somebody a good turn. Now, they're in your debt.

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It is impossible to raise this quality beyond the cap 7 under any circumstance. Excess from actions raising the quality is wasted after hitting the cap!

Notable sources[edit]




Notable uses[edit]

Source Action Location Cost Reward Value/Notes
Storylets Trade favours with criminals The Flit 3 x Favours 1200 x Moon-Pearl E 12
Acquire human remains from the criminals 5 x Favours 3 x Human Arm E 7.5
Offer an unrepentant ex-convict who won't be missed The Labyrinth of Tigers 7 x Favours 23 x Tribute Can be exchanged for a E 62.5 item
Seek a thieves' cache Base-Camp 1 x Favours 1 x Archaeologist's Progress
100 x Cryptic Clue
E 2
The Balustraded House in Elderwick On a Heist 5 x Favours 10 x Ostentatious Diamond
25 x Surface-Silk Scrap
1 x Puzzle-Damask Scrap
1 x Favour in High Places or 1 x Magnificent Diamond
E 32.5
The warehouses of the Peaceable & Godly Trading Company The Copper Quarter 1 x Favours 1 x Unassuming Crate Can be traded for items by chance, including 1 x Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise


The favours can also be used with the Old Bone Skeleton Key to increase Renown: Criminals.