Arrange an interview with your Murderous Monkey

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From: The Hallowmas Edition 1895

She is very quiet. But there is a certain gleam in her eye.

Unlocked with 1 x Murderous Monkey

Locked with His Amused Lordship's Confession, The Ambitious Barrister's Confession, The Bishop of St Fiacre's' Confession, The Cheery Man's Confession, The Jovial Contrarian's Confession, The Melancholy Curate's Confession, The Veteran Privy Councillor's Confession, Feducci's Favour


An uncertain frown

[…] Huffam suggests he can see no value in an interview with her […] leads him to a side room. […] flattering, if entirely unnewsworthy, feature on your monkey. […] describing you as […] unleashing rabid creatures on unsuspecting journalists. […]

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