Ask about Mr Fires' goals (without Furnace's Fate Revealed)

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From: Conversation with the Lackey

Action Cost: 0

If he knows them, and if he's willing to tell you about them.

Unlocked with Furnace's Fate Revealed exactly 0


(see table below)

(see table below)

Description summary:
The description varies with A Pawn among Tracklayers.

A Pawn among TracklayersTitleDescription
0, 2Knowing plenty"What would I know about it?" […] "We haven't met. Well, that is to say, we have met, in the sense that I worked in its factory, but it's not as though it has taken me up in its dirigible […] I don't know any schemes. It probably doesn't have schemes."
1Knowing plenty"Oh, I know what Mr Fires means to do[…] It tells me all its schemes. But that doesn't mean I've got to tell you, does it? Fires thinks you might be useful but then again you might not, so […] you're still in the 'do not trust' list, begging your pardon."
3Out of the way"Mr Fires has taken Furnace, of course," he says. "Wanted to get her out of the way. It doesn't think it can do its own business with her hanging about. Last I heard, it thought it could put her to good use."

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