Ask about his preferences regarding the venue (Correspondent)

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From: Ambition: Meet with the Topsy King

You are a Correspondent. Your pen is wind, your tongue fire! With your knowledge, and a little Violant Ink, you can help him find the notes he seeks..

Unlocked with Violant.png Profession: Correspondent, Violant.png 1 x A Pot of Violant Ink, Bookblack.png 1 x Uncanny Incunabulum, Library.png 10 x Volume of Collated Research

Locked with Centuryexibition.png Ambition: A Marvellous Venue 2, Topsy2.png Ambition: The King's Pointer (hidden)


Once heard, always forgot

An eery bombast sounds above the rooftops of London […] As the final note dies away […] ask your question […] "Ah. Somewhere neither here nor there, in nor out, up nor down. Somewhere with one foot in what is, and the other in what is not." […]

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