Ask the Esurient Smith to examine your Ravenglass Knives

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From: Ambition Nemesis – Is this the Dagger?

"Seven and seven only. These are blades of quality; they conspire."

Unlocked with 77 x Ravenglass Knife

Locked with A Little Knifework 5

Wiki note: If you fail, you'll lose "a portion" of the knives, and each failure increases your chance of success for the next attempt (from 70%, to 90% to 100%). The cost of the needed knives is 7,884.8 E . You may want to consult Money-Making.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)

Each point of A Little Knifework reduces the base difficulty by 20% points.


The broken mirror


The Smith […] exclaims. "This is it."

He plucks a shard from the burning slag with a set of battered tongs. […] Mirror-glass. The Smith passes it to you; so hot it blisters your fingers but you hold on. This is the missing shard. You will not lose it now.

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A prince in glass

The Esurient Smith does terrible damage to your daggers. […]

He gives the glassy puddles that were once blades a cursory glance. […] he shakes his head, […] and clutches his stomach. "Not yet for you. Bring me more. We'll find this errant sliver of mirror."

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