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From: A Conversation on the Road

You are one of them, now, although you will never be exactly what they are. You will align yourself with them. Perhaps some day hunt with them


A conclusion

[…]"Not all of us are proud of our origins." […]"Our employer made us a promise." […]"You shan't miss your home, I trust?"[…]"We only regret the price worth paying." […] Ahead, your employer soars towards the Judgement […]

Description summary:
Flexing your talons you remind the other Masters that not all of them are proud of their origins. Particularly Mr Veils (though it ignores you). You care only about the promise your employer has given you: That all shall be well. When the message is delivered you will find other feasts. Wines is ecstatic, but asks whether you'll miss your old home. Perhaps you won't. Perhaps you have no regrets. In the distance you see your employer rising towards the Judgement, with its message burning on its skin.

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