Avert what comes

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From: Fury of the Unterzee: Lost but not Alone

As above, so below. Give jewels on the water, and speak a prayer to Storm, that old god in the roof. Brightness below will wake brightness above.

Unlocked with Diamondblue.png 20 x Ostentatious Diamond, Whispered secret.png 100 x Whispered Hint



"The winds are wild," your bo'sun is singing softly. "The waters deep. The shining stones descend to sleep.[…]" You turn and stare accusingly at her. She shrugs. […]

She's right! The false-stars wink above[…] The waves ahead are clear and bright.[…]

Description summary:
You bo'sun sings a song she heard in Mahogany Hall. It's a bit grim, but it seems to work.

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]