Awaken from a familiar dream (Southern Wind)

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From: A Dream of Hunger, A Dream of Smoke, A Dream of Bloody Feathers, A Dream of Incline, A Dream of Wax, A Dream of Weight and A Dream of Sharpness

You have been here before.

Game Instructions: This will lower nightmares and remove 'Southern Wind' entirely – dismissing this dream card. You can reacquire this quality at Zee.

Unlocked with Impaled Upon the Peak



You find [your lodgings] cold and dark. Perhaps you should go find yourself a cup of tea.

Description summary:
The description makes reference to your current Lodgings.

An Abandoned Family Cryptyour crypt
A Spare Bedroom
A Smoky Flophouse
Lair in the Marshes
Cottage by the Observatory
Rooms above a Gambling Den
Rooms above a Bookshop
Handsome Townhouse
A Zee-Znail's Zhell
A Dripstone-Snared Third City Sub-Temple
your bedroom
Rooftop Shackyour shack
Decommissioned Steameryour cabin
The Deep Cellars of Old Newgateyour cellar
A guest room at the Brass Embassy
A Sanctum at the Brass Embassy
Premises at the Bazaar
A Spire-Emporium of the Bazaar
your apartments
A Room at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel
A Suite at the Royal Bethlehem
your suite

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