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Visit Penstock's Land Agency at the Bazaar to acquire new Lodgings.

1 Opportunity card in hand 2 Opportunity cards in hand
Crypt.png Prisoncell.png Sparebedroom.png Sparebedroom.png
An Abandoned Family Crypt New Newgate Prison Cell An Attic Room A Spare Bedroom

3 Opportunity cards in your hand
Marsheslair.png Cottagebyobservatory.png Halfabandonedmansionroom.png
Lair in the Marshes Cottage by the Observatory Rooms in a Half-Abandoned Mansion RETIRED
Bookshop.png Gamblingden.png Townhouse.png
Rooms above a Bookshop Rooms above a Gambling Den Handsome Townhouse
Rooftopshack.png Steamer2.png Smokyflophouse.png
Rooftop Shack Decommissioned Steamer Smoky Flophouse

3 Opportunity cards in your hand
Remote Address
Mansion1.png Newgatecellar-lodgings.png Zeeznailretreat-lodgings.png Dripstonetemple-lodgings.png Mansion1.png
A Once-Great Marsh-House FATE The Deep Cellars of Old Newgate A Zee-Znail's Zhell A Dripstone-Snared Third City Sub-Temple A Sanguine Château FATE

4 Opportunity cards in your hand
Brassembassyroom.png Royalbethroom.png Bazaarpremises.png
A guest room at the Brass Embassy A Room at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel Premises at the Bazaar

5 Opportunity cards in your hand
Brassembassysanctum-lodgings.png Bethlehemsuite-lodgings.png Bazaaremporium-lodgings.png
A Sanctum at the Brass Embassy A Suite at the Royal Bethlehem A Spire-Emporium of the Bazaar