Betray the Wandering Gondolier

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From: Jericho: The Canals

He will not thank you, but turning him in will ensure that he stays a Guildmember – albeit a disgraced one.

Game Instructions: You will gain Esteem of the Guild. This will end your association with Wandering Gondolier. Only choose this if you wish to be rid of the Gondolier for good.

Unlocked with Call of the Wanderer exactly 7


Old horizons

[…] The Doleful Poleman presides. […]

The Wandering Gondolier […] glances at you briefly, and then looks away, his jaw set.

[…] demoted to waterboy […]

[…] "He has the makings of a future Gonfaloniere […] hope we have acted swiftly enough […]"

Description summary:
The senior guild members are distraught. Your perfidy has resulted in the Wandering Gondolier being placed under strict supervision for seven years. He knows that you betrayed him, of course.

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