Canal Cruising in Jericho Locks (Guide)

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Canal Cruising in Jericho Locks Summary
Conversion Activity
Setup Progress End
0 A 2-10 A 2 A


Build and spend Esteem of the Guild.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 6.0Raw SPA 6.14


The second location on the Railway is Jericho Locks. One of the main activities here is going on gondol trips and exploring the many destinations around Jericho. You will be introduced to this in Call of the Wanderer, where you may take a trip to the Sere Palace.

Esteem of the Guild[edit]

In order to visit the destinations in the river network, you must first get acquainted with the gondol guild. Two points of Esteem of the Guild costs 25 E in items, or 5 x Favours: The Docks. Crooked-Crosses have a separate option that costs only 10 E for a single point of Esteem. It can be convenient to give a value to each point at 12.5 E .

In addition to these sources, there is a one-off source in the Call of the Wanderer storyline that provides 5 Esteem. This is one-off and not profitable (you are better off having the Gondolier on your side, for various benefits) so it will not be mentioned in the table.

Option Cost Esteem of the Guild
Debate with the Nostalgic Landlady 1
Engage in a public debate 10 x Collated Research 2
Furnish the Saturnine Gondolier with intelligence 2
Provide news from London 2
Swap tales with the locals 2
Watch a parade 5 x Favours: The Docks 2


When travelling to a destination, you cannot choose exactly where to end up unless you're a A Member of the Gondoliers - Doctore of the Guild. However, as you discover locations and report them to The Doleful Poleman, you can avoid going to one of those specific places. This requires using the options from Charter a barge to new horizons. Travelling to locations in the lower river costs 5 Esteem, while locations in the upper river require 10 Esteem. Once you've become a Doctore of the Guild, the costs are reduced to 3 and 6 respectively, and you will also be able to decide exactly where you want to go.

In order to reach Doctore of the Guild, give reports to The Doleful Poleman, to show that you have visited each location at least once, including the Sere Palace (10 Esteem), accessible through Call of the Wanderer only. This will cost at least 50 Esteem, though in practice the randomness of selecting destinations means it averages 60 Esteem and possibly more if you're unlucky.

Unless you're a Doctore of the Guild, canal cruising will never be profitable. However, you may gain resources that are otherwise hard to access, such as Mirrorcatch Boxes and Skull in Coral.

Location Esteem needed (Doctore) Reward Value (E )
Lower river
Fiddler's Scarlet 5 (3)
  • 47.5
  • or 95
1 x Mirrorcatch Box N/A
The Persephone 5 (3) ~50
Upper river
The Cedar-Woods 10 (6) 105
The Eversmoulder 10 (6) 103
The Octagonal Tomb 10 (6)
  • 95.25


The items you spend for Esteem are valued about the same at the Bazaar, so it's just a matter of what you happen to have on hand. Docks Favours are fairly sraightforward to gain, though perhaps better spent for Tribute.

An accessible alternative is Collated Research, which can be gained by upconverting Memory of Distant Shores. If you have Sworn Statements, you may simply exchange the Memories and avoid upconverting. Another option is to buy Map Scrap and Inkling of Identity in bulk from The Rat Market, and upconvert twice to Partial Map and An Identity Uncovered!.

Night on the Town has few other repeatable uses, if you happen to have one. Calling in Society Favours at the station (An Ambivalent Scion) is a reliable source, but again, not as profitable as Tribute.

It's a smart investment to get Doctore of the Guild if you plan to use the options regularly, because of the 40% discount in cost. Getting up to a Crimson Violist, one level below Doctore, is also a requirement for building a particular statue of yourself at Moulin.

Discovering locations also unlocks several profitable options. Most notably, discovering the Fiddler's Scarlet unlocks an option for smuggling Bessemer Steel, while Licentiates who have visited the poisoned waters of the Sere Palace can take a particular job in Professional Activities (Guide) Aditionally, knowledge of the Eversmoulder and a Hellish Hymn unlocks an option on the card Halfway to Hell, giving 10 Moves in the Great Game on a difficult Watchful check.

The theoretical maximum output, discounting resorces, and raw value, of the lower river is 5 EPA (3.5 actions per cashout, at a net of 17.5E ), while the upper river is 6 EPA (5 actions per cashout, at a riser of 30E ).