Better understand the metabolism of poisons

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From: Begin a Scientific Investigation

How is it that the Warbler gives rise to Hillmovers? Are they children? Excretion? Something else again?

Game Instructions: This begins a moderate-length project that will advance your Kataleptic Toxicology Studies, allowing you to raise Kataleptic Toxicology to 7.

Unlocked with Equipment for Scientific Experimentation, Kataleptic Toxicology Studies exactly 1, 3 x Seven-Throated Warbler, 3 x Hillmover, 4 x Legal Document, 210 x Phosphorescent Scarab

Locked with Experimental Object


Cages and blast shields

You need safe confinement, entertainment, and food for the Seven-Throated Warblers; storage for the Hillmovers where they will not go off; some extremely fine and delicate equipment for disarming the Hillmovers. […]

The Warblers encourage your efforts. […]

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Conclusion: Excretion, generation, the expulsion of toxins