Blackmailing the Press

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Whatever the Careworn Journalist and the Hacking Reporter are up to, they want it kept secret.

Unlocked with Raking the Muck of the Neath 7

Storylet appears in Spite


Get the lay of the land first
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    Locked with Tutorial: Claimed Warning Notes (hidden)



    Knowing where you stand and who's standing behind you

    Success Instructions: Hastily Scrawled Warning Notes offer you Second Chances on Shadowy checks. You can use Second Chances to retry a failed check - but you must choose to spend them before attempting it. If you fail, you get another shot. You lose the Second Chance either way.

    Second Chances are particularly useful for branches that you can only attempt once, or where failure would set you back to some degree. You may find these useful for concluding this affair.

    You can also spend Second Chances in Your Social Engagements to improve your skills.

"Wouldn't it be a shame if..."