MediaWiki 1.36 and Other Updates

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MediaWiki 1.36.0 will be releasing sometime this month. The 1.36.0-rc.0 release candidate version is already available, and installed on dev. I would appreciate it if you'd poke at it and let me know if anything seems broken.


The current skin the wiki is using, DarkCosmos, posed several challenges with regards to upgrading. It's also practically unmaintained. The skin from which DarkCosmos forked, Timeless, is extremely well-supported, in contrast. I've ported over the various CSS rules in DarkCosmos to Timeless; dev is using Timeless as the skin. There are a few quirks that need to be worked out, but the skin should look nearly identical.


The SimpleBlogPage extension received an update, containing some user interface changes, but mostly backend changes, removing deprecated function calls.