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An update to the Fate policy
(created by TFF on 06:18, 31 January 2022)
Recently, on the wiki Discord we discussed if Fate reward information could be structured similarly to non-Fate effects after User:Elderfleur brought up Your spouse, the Secular Missionary as an example. I have now received a reply from Failbetter that this is acceptable:We're comfortable with that […]
Announcing changes to how Gain templates work
(created by Asarta on 15:46, 30 December 2021)
Update 30 December 2021

{{Increase}} and {{Item Gain}} now are wrappers for {{Gain}}, and editors are encouraged to only use {{Gain}} when creating new pages. At some point in the future a bot will replace all uses of {{Increase}} and {{Item Gain}}, after which they'll be deprecated.
Original […]
Module:ItemList is dead, long live Template:Item
(created by Alan on 02:15, 11 December 2021)
Hi all,
Thanks to the work done by User:PSGarak, we've been able to remove the step of updating the subpages of Module:ItemList (e.g. Module:ItemList/Gloves).
Now, effects will only need to be filled in within the Item template, using the EffectX parameter(s). Access information (seasonality, fate, […]
Exceptions to Truncation Policy
(created by Alan on 21:56, 8 December 2021)
Hi all,
Recently, editors have been discussing whether {{Truncate}} should be applied to access code text and item descriptions. We reached out to Failbetter asking whether we'd be permitted to exempt this text from truncation, and they've given their permission.

We've had a chat internally and […]
Planned Updates to Module:ItemList
(created by PSGarak on 20:19, 3 December 2021)
This is the next installment of the extremely sporadic series where I try and make the Wiki better using Semantic MediaWiki (SMW). This week's target is Module:ItemList, the cool piece of code behind most (all?) pages that list or compare items. Examples include the item listings on Category:Gloves […]
VisualEditor Enabled
(created by Alan on 06:40, 16 October 2021)
I've enabled VisualEditor as an option on the wiki, coexisting with the old source editor. This should make it easier to create freeform tables when necessary. It's still highly recommended to use the source editor to work with templates, as source editing likely remains significantly more […]
Dynamic World Quality content with Semantic MediaWiki
(created by PSGarak on 00:52, 1 October 2021)
Hi all,
I'm doing an experiment to see if we can make the Wiki reactive to World Quality changes in a way that's helpful. The current changes are in place for some Rat Market pages. These things use Semantic MediaWiki under the hood, to let other content query the current value of World Qualities […]
Idle thoughts on item sources, wikitext export and parsing
(created by Naoh on 04:50, 27 September 2021)
The item pages list item sources, which are helpful if you need to grind items. Category:Cartographer's Hoard Gain is very helpful: it lists the two actions which give out that item.
For Whispered Hints, there are some 234 actions yielding them. The anatomy of a secret is helpfully listed on the […]
A Quick Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki
(created by PSGarak on 19:00, 18 July 2021)
As the primary zealot of Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) around here, it's basically on me to advocate for it if I want anyone else to care about it. I've finally found some time to begin writing an explainer series for how SMW works, what benefits it can bring to the Fallen London wiki, and how to put it […]
Template Editor Group
(created by Alan on 05:57, 30 June 2021)
I finally got around to creating the template editor group.
Instead of fully protecting certain heavily-used templates so only administrators can edit them, this group allows us to grant more users the right to edit the aforementioned templates.
Currently, I've only downgraded the protection level […]
How to organise item Gain pages so people can see easily how to get stuff
(created by Wriothesley on 18:25, 23 June 2021)
Sorry I'm a regular but not hardcore player and I'm also not very familiar with wiki templates and coding. Is there a better way to organise item Gain pages by number gained and requirements so people can easily see at a glance how to get stuff? Can it be done automatically or would this involve a […]
Show Card Borders
(created by Mzs on 08:23, 13 August 2021)
For Everyone
We're experimenting with showing the coloured borders arounded icons on Card and Storylet pages! This is being rolled out to Card pages for opted-in users as I type. If you'd like to opt in to the experiment, simply enable the Card Borders gadget in your preferences. (Admin note: now […]
Better handling of edit conflicts
(created by Alan on 20:34, 3 June 2021)
The default MediaWiki edit conflict interface is easy to overlook, and a bit unwieldy besides.
A new extension has been installed ("Paragraph-based Edit Conflict Interface") that should improve the process of resolving edit conflicts. You can opt out, if desired, from Special:Preferences.
Proposal: Move the Guides section to the second sidebar slot
(created by Asarta on 16:08, 30 May 2021)
Currently the Guides section of the sidebar is the very bottom part of the "main" sidebar (the part we can easily control via Mediawiki:Sidebar. I'd like to propose to move it instead to the second slot, which is currently occupied by Stories, and as a result of that move the rest all down one […]
Follow-up: Non-Standard Gain Messages
(created by Mzs on 00:19, 23 May 2021)
MediaWiki 1.36 and Other Updates
(created by Alan on 21:11, 19 May 2021)
MediaWiki 1.36.0 will be releasing sometime this month. The 1.36.0-rc.0 release candidate version is already available, and installed on dev. I would appreciate it if you'd poke at it and let me know if anything seems broken.
The current skin the wiki is using, DarkCosmos, posed […]
Spoiler-minimal Ambition: Nemesis Guide
(created by Naoh on 06:57, 12 May 2021)
For story content like Ambitions, I am of two minds:
On the one hand, knowing what to grind beforehand can save a lot of time
On the other hand, reading even the headings of an ambition page is certain to give you major spoilers.
As I have recently completed Ambition: Nemesis with an alt, I have […]
Changes to Quality and Item pages
(created by Alan on 16:41, 10 May 2021)
Semantic MediaWiki has been installed, and {{IL}} has been reworked to take advantage of Semantic MediaWiki. Huge thanks to PSGarak for doing the work necessary to make use of SMW.
In the past, y'all may have noticed slight performance degradations for a while after entries were added to […]
A guide to the costs and rewards of Discordant Studies
(created by Mzs on 19:43, 5 May 2021)
tl;dr: Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide)
I'm well aware the announcement banning most of the new Discordant Studies content has been rather controversial. While responses varied, one common concern from some folks was that they were uneasy about not knowing what they stood to gain or […]
New Parameter for Narrow Challenges
(created by Alan on 23:59, 4 May 2021)
As some of y'all may have noticed, there are a few strange challenges in the Hurlers that don't follow the rule of "60% ± 10% for every level above or below the target level" - some challenges are inverted (Play a round of Blindfold Bezique), and some increment using steps that are not 10% (5%, in […]
A second Announcement regarding Hurler puzzles
(created by Asarta on 12:46, 27 April 2021)
Hi everybody,
Alan has just received an answer to his email enquiring about the possibility of adding the puzzle related content in the Hurlers. Unfortunately enough FBG have said that for now all content beyond the disclaimer may not be added.
Therefore this content is banned, starting now, under […]
Announcement regarding Hurler puzzless
(created by Asarta on 15:43, 26 April 2021)
Recent Hurlers content includes puzzles which according to the starting description will require outside the box thinking.
After some discussion, and as a executive decision, this content is forbidden for inclusion until we hear back from FBG what their opinion is on its inclusion.

--Asarta (talk) […]
Proposal: Changes to the wiki's skin
(created by Alan on 06:57, 25 April 2021)
One of the most common (and deserved) complaints about the wiki is regarding its skin. While the wiki was in development, I did enough to get the skin to a state which I deemed acceptable, but graphic design is very far from my passion, and I'll absolutely admit that the skin leaves much to be […]
Works in Progress with Semantic Mediawiki
(created by PSGarak on 02:38, 18 April 2021)
Alan has been accommodating enough to humor my request to install Semantic Mediawiki (hereafter SMW) on the dev version of this Wiki, and so far I've managed not to burn the servers down while tinkering with it. After an inordinate amount of experimentation, I think I have a handle on how it works […]
Request for Feedback: Non-Standard Gain Messages
(created by Mzs on 14:24, 17 November 2021)
THE STAIRS HAVE YOU NOW (Sets Transformed by Stairs to 10)
THE STAIRS HAVE YOU NOW (Increases Haunted by Stairs by 2 CP)
— Quoted from Follow a dusty set of stairs
It's a pattern on thousands of pages across the wiki: an Action increases a quality—either setting it directly to a value or […]
Module:Check for unknown parameters has been added to this wiki
(created by Asarta on 17:37, 7 April 2021)
Hey everyone!
As was requested a few weeks ago I've added Module:Check for unknown parameters to the wiki and added it to {{Item}}, {{Storylet}}, {{Card}} and {{Action}} (pending sysop action). This means that when you in future add a parameter to any of those templates that isn't defined in the […]
Emissary pt 3: Wealth transfer and 'anti-social' actions
(created by Naoh on 21:28, 11 April 2021)
This page used to contain an off-topic blog post about grinding with the use of alts and transferring wealth between accounts. It will be reposted on reddit and linked here eventually.
(I will keep the page here to keep the comment intact)
ConfirmEdit and QuestyCaptcha installed
(created by Alan on 03:43, 4 April 2021)
As you may have noticed, there was a spate of spam account creations earlier today.
In response, I've enabled ConfirmEdit and QuestyCaptcha for new account creations and adding new external links.
There are currently four questions in rotation ("which company created FL", "what does EPA stand for", […]
Introducing The Emissary: a python script for finding efficient item grinds
(created by Naoh on 21:35, 11 April 2021)
Moved here
I will leave this page intact for the comments.
Unknown template parameters category?
(created by Naoh on 13:01, 28 March 2021)
My good denizens of London,
I have just fixed two pages where the template parameter "Locked with" of Template:Action was preposterously spelled as "Locked With" (with a capital W).
This caused that parameter to be ignored altogether, and in turn some confusion to Yours Truly. I have heard […]
Proposal: Reworking the Quality - IL - ItemList flow
(created by Alan on 19:30, 26 March 2021)
The current method of adding Qualities and Equipment, where entries must be manually added to Module:IL/images (and a subpage of Module:ItemList for equipment) suffers from two main issues:
Editors must know / remember / bother to add a new image to the respective module page(s).
Edits to […]
CirrusSearch has been installed!
(created by Alan on 06:29, 25 March 2021)
I've heard the frequent complaints about search behaviour, and am pleased to announce that CirrusSearch is now installed on this wiki!
Please play around with it (including settings in Special:Preferences), and let me know if you encounter any issues.
Fixing Best-in-Slot calculators
(created by Adnoam on 13:54, 24 March 2021)
I wanted to start the long-awaiting task of fixing the Best-in-Slot calculators (BiS) to properly take into account Ambition rewards. It turns out to be somewhat trickier than I would have liked, given the possible combinations of mutually-exclusive items.
So right now I see two challenges:

Find […]
Comments and Message Walls have been migrated
(created by Alan on 20:14, 22 March 2021)
I've finished the process of migrating Comments and Message Wall posts. This was the last part that required Fandom data.
Message Wall posts have been moved to user talk pages. Please review your user talk page and rearrange things if you'd like.
For users with large user talk pages, please […]
Changes made in response to feedback
(created by Alan on 11:58, 22 March 2021)
I've made / am going to make a few changes to the wiki in response to feedback.

Users have pointed out that better comment extensions than mw:Extension:Comments exist, namely mw:Extension:CommentStreams. I'll be moving the wiki to that extension by Tuesday.
I've made a few changes for the sake of […]
Moving the Fallen London Wiki
(created by Alan on 18:51, 31 March 2021)
Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that this wiki is currently planning on leaving Fandom. I realise that this might appear to be a bit of a fait accompli; I'd like to explain the decision and our plans here.

We've had issues with Fandom for years now (for example: here, and here), and have […]
Updates to the Fate policy
(created by Alan on 18:51, 31 March 2021)
Recently, there have been grey areas regarding content that has appeared to make otherwise Fate-locked content eligible for inclusion on the wiki. For example: the Rusty Census-Taker's Badge affecting 40-Masquing Companions, the Temple Club Access Code, and the Great Bone Market Crash of '98 […]
Mobile site issues
(created by Everlastingwonder on 19:54, 26 February 2021)
I use the wiki on my phone a lot, and the mobile version of the site is kind of a pain to use. Specifically, Template:Options displays strangely because the Success and Failure headers it generates are recognized as collapsible settings, but not the actual option title. This makes pages hard to […]
Spoiler template usage
(created by Everlastingwonder on 07:22, 26 February 2021)
I've noticed that some of the top-level page templates (e.g. Template:Action) use Template:Spoiler at the top, while others just have text that reads SPOILERS AHEAD! BE WARNED! Is this potentially worth standardizing? It looks like only a few templates would actually need to be changed.
Request for Feedback: Item Obtainability
(created by PSGarak on 22:38, 22 March 2021)
I have plans to add a new pair of parameters to {{Item}} to denote items that cannot be obtained from regular gameplay. I would like some feedback from other Editors on whether this is worthwhile, the overall design, the details, and the wording.

Fate-locked items used to be clearly […]
Obsolete template parameters
(created by Mzs42 on 07:55, 8 February 2021)
I've been doing a lot of work in Category:Site maintenance of late and one thing that keeps getting my attention is that we have two empty categories that seem to exist just to aid transitions that have already finished: Category:Item Sources Using Deprecated Parameters for using the old Item Name […]
Fixing the Front Page
(created by Aximillio on 10:42, 13 January 2021)
Let's just admit it. Our front page has seen better days.

For one, the latest activity box doesn't work and thinking about it, I can't remember when it did...
Also nobody's used the forum the last few years and why would they, when we use blog posts instead?
As such, I propose some changes. I […]
New Template: Variant table
(created by PSGarak on 17:40, 21 October 2020)
I've created a new Template named Variant table to help us manage the new amount of dynamic content that has come out in the past year or so for Fallen London. The community has generally settled on tables to collect all of the textual or mechanical variations. This Template packages up the table […]
New wiki software
(created by Adnoam on 22:04, 7 October 2020)
As you might have noticed, our Wiki's software has been upgraded. This was part of a wider change by FANDOM across many wiki communities. While the new software version is very welcome, there are apparently a few things that broke here and there (since we have lots of older template and module […]
Truncate Template
(created by PSGarak on 22:42, 11 January 2022)
After a successful roll-out in the {{Quality}} template, the {{Truncate}} template is now ready for prime time. This Template is meant to help enforce the Editing Guidelines on this wiki. For background on this template, see this discussion about text truncation.

This template is intended […]
Profession Templates
(created by Asarta on 22:44, 22 March 2021)
First off those of you with a high Watchful probably have noticed that these Templates have already been implemented. That is indeed the case, but I suffered yesterday from the Treachery of Time and didn't have the time left to do this anymore.

After several discussions on Adnoam's Wall I've […]
Updates to Template:Item
(created by Adnoam on 19:09, 20 August 2020)
Hi all,

I've started making several upgrades to Template:Item, which were sitting at the back of my mind for a while now.
I wanted to write the details here, both to get feedback, and to help organize my own thoughts.
Upper River Exchange
Now that we have a second market place, it seemed […]
Faction Templates
(created by Asarta on 22:48, 22 March 2021)
In the Beginning there was chaos, and this displeased the Judgments. So the Judgments created Templates to shape the Universe; and there was order in the Universe

(From the Book of Asarta, Chapter 1.1),


For the last few days I've been busy creating Faction Templates to finally […]
Upper River Shops
(created by Optimatum on 17:29, 3 July 2020)
With the release of Ealing Gardens, we now have our first shops outside London, not counting the Iron Republic's cameo. The problem is that these shops let us sell items for Hinterland Scrip instead of echoes—but our templates currently only allow for items bought or sold in a single location. […]
Glassmen are now Silverers
(created by Phryne Amarantyne on 10:44, 30 May 2022)
Today, Failbetter announced […]
Category structure
(created by Adnoam on 07:17, 11 June 2020)
Following the recent discussion on my wall:

The idea is to revamp the current category structure as it relates to Qualities (and probably to Items as well), to better match new changes in the game.
Historically, the wiki has been categorizing qualities as follows:
"Category:QualityName" - for […]
Whitsun Items category name(s)
(created by Adnoam on 22:37, 22 March 2021)
With the addition of the .mw-parser-output .tag-fate a{color:#3AD90C;background-color:#0F0416}.mw-parser-output .tag-hallowmas a{background:#191001;color:orange}.mw-parser-output .tag-christmas a{background:#07079C;color:#C6F0F5}.mw-parser-output .tag-clearing […]
Cheese Trick for Firefox
(created by Rostygold on 23:32, 16 April 2020)
If you are an editor of this wiki, you may have come across a situation when you have played the game and just did something that updated a quality that you forgot to update its wiki entry for.

For example, you have done something that increases the level of a quality. The quality has descriptions […]
Achievement hunting
(created by MadeOfMagicAndWires on 17:46, 8 March 2020)
Item lists
(created by Adnoam on 11:14, 29 May 2019)
For a long time, I've wanted to see if there's some way to automatically create the items lists one might find in Category:Hat, or in Persuasive Items.

Please read, and try this out in a sandbox. Comments are more than welcome.
(tagging some of the more active wiki editors: Rahv7, Mikey thinkin, […]
A Weaseller
(created by GauntYeti958123 on 15:36, 5 March 2019)
You cannot call yourself a proper member of Fallen London society if you have not gone out of your way to purchase an incredible number of weasels and played charades with them. It is unfortunate that you cannot do this action many, many times over. I would pay FATE in order to be able to play […]
A bit of redesign for the wiki
(created by Rahv7 on 12:23, 13 August 2018)
You may have noticed that we have updated our header image recently. About six years after the game has been renamed "Fallen London", we too have finally acknowledged that fact.

With the Fallen London redesign close to release, we are considering also updating the wiki layout a little. I have […]
Wiki Notes
(created by Adnoam on 09:34, 10 April 2018)
I've started to standardize the way that wiki notes look across different pages.
Adding a single note
If you want to add a wiki note on a page, please use the {{Wiki Note}} template:

{{Wiki Note|<some text>}} --> Wiki note: some text

Article Templates
{{Storylet}}, {{Card}}, […]
Gain and Loss of social qualities
(created by Adnoam on 12:33, 19 March 2018)

There are several qualities in the game for which you can have a value per specific characters.
For example, Offering to Aid a Wounded Friend can have different values for different characters to whom you've sent a help offer.
For the most part, we're using the {{Gain}}/{{Loss}} […]
Restructuring Qualities and their categories
(created by Adnoam on 22:33, 22 March 2021)
I've made a few updates to the way Qualities are recorded in the wiki. This is still a work in progress, so I'd like to explain my direction and get some feedback before committing to the next steps, which will involve lots of changes.

The current situation
Currently, if you look at a page which […]
(created by Sinnouk on 05:54, 27 March 2021)
These are items which allow you to increase your renown, sacrificing certain items at higher levels. All are available at the bazaar, but some are available otherwise as well.
Renown items can be bought at the Bazaar (or gained elsewhere) and used when you have 3 or more Favours with a faction. […]
Restructuring Hours before the Deadline table
(created by Adnoam on 13:22, 11 December 2017)
I find the table at Hours before the Deadline to be less useful than it could be. Currently, it includes all options to advance this quality, but there are three different methods:

Via Storylets in Doubt Street (you choose between two options - each progresses one of the three newspaper […]
Creating works at Court
(created by Adnoam on 10:22, 13 November 2017)
This blog post is to help me articulate the wiki implications of recent game changes, to solicit feedback and advice from other wiki editors.

With the recent Return to Court, there are new options to create various artistic works. All the old works are still an option.
HOWEVER, there is […]
Auto-expand everything?
(created by Shack19 on 07:48, 25 September 2016)
I find myself contributing more and more (and hence relying on more and more...) to the blog, and occassionally put some features on my wishlist. Right now I would really like some possibility of auto-expanding all the options on a page so that I wouldn't have to click on each of them. Even […]
Can't access my journal?
(created by Echochaser on 20:40, 17 June 2016)
I am a newbie and I have no idea where to go to find my journal. Help, anyone?
Item Qualities
(created by Ashdenej on 11:59, 29 April 2016)
In the past few days, many items have had various tags added to them! I'd appreciate help with adding qualities to each respective item's categories. Maybe we should modify the item descriptions, too?

The ones I've found have been […]
badge get
(created by Fallingkitten on 00:34, 25 April 2016)
there's a badge for this
(created by RatriDevi on 18:04, 19 January 2016)
I've been away for a few years.  2012 was the last time I played Fallen London.

I'm realizing that the game might be a little more fun if I had some background information on it.  I have a tendency to follow a multitude of quests and story lines all at once and the result is that I can't […]
Lore Wiki
(created by KestrelGirl on 15:34, 7 May 2019)
I created a Fallen London/Sunless Sea lore wiki. It already has a lot of the main content, but I really do think I need more frequent help getting the more mysterious bits and pieces (like the history of the Bazaar and of the zee-gods) in. Anyone is welcome to add a page or add content to an […]
(created by Jpkurihara on 22:42, 22 September 2015)
So, I have headed for the Silken Chapel to make my name in Wolfstack Docks. Decided to go alone, succeeded. I clicked on the Silken Chapel again and ran into this:

I assume this is a bug... I can't "Perhaps Not" here, but I assume using an item would fix it.
Should I try one of the options?
(created by Achris on 18:30, 16 July 2015)
Images! Icons! Pictures!

Articles now show small images next to the item and quality links for
Challenge attributes:

Narrow, Seeking... 8
Card/storylet and action unlock requirements:

Unlocked with The Jack-of-Smiles Case 1, Connected: Criminals 15
Card/storylet and action lock […]
View action results in storylet pages
(created by Achris on 12:54, 1 July 2015)
Hi again!

Storylet options

Today's redesign blog is all about storylets.
More precisely, about needing to open fewer wiki pages in the background if you're interested in seeing (or comparing) the outcome of certain actions offered by the card or storylet.
Here is my tentative new template in […]
New item template
(created by Achris on 05:33, 27 March 2021)

(Check Puzzling Map or any other item page!)
I don't know much about writing blogs, so please bear with me :-)
Over the past few days I made several edits to {{Item}} that had a large impact on how item pages render. While some rough edges are still to be expected as I continue tinkering, […]
Thoughts on item representation
(created by Tinkerball on 12:52, 25 May 2015)
Please, dont take this as a complaint. I bow deep before you guys that build this and value every minute you spend on making it! Futhermore, so far I havent delved too deep into this wiki's structure to catch every glimpse of it. But being rather a noob to FL this wiki was as helpful as it was a […]
Quirk Changes
(created by Aximillio on 10:25, 30 May 2022)
As watchful eyes on the forums and here on the wiki have spotted, the hedonist option on the Give a Gift! A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words card has changed.

According to a post by Chris Gardiner, this seems to be an upcoming change to how quirks work. So if you find an option that […]
The Feast of the Exceptional Rose - Love is in the Neathy Air
(created by Vae Victis on 05:05, 27 March 2021)
The Feast has begun!

The Neath-snow has melted away, the Nomen returned to the emptiness from which they came and respectable citizens of the Neath are no longer accosted by unseemly visitors with large sacks.
This is a time to rejoice and celebrate! To take part in scandalous activities! To […]
Template:Card and Template:Storylet
(created by Aximillio on 01:26, 28 December 2014)
They now work without needing to add a number after the template of choice! Yay!

Basically, Card 1 where 1 is a random number can now be substituted with {{Card}} and similar with {{Storylet}}. Please don't ask why this wasn't done before, because I seriously can't answer that...
(created by Baron von Trafalgar Floppery dinFanger on 19:22, 8 January 2014)
It has arrived.

“The moon looked like melted mozzarella to my bleary and blurry vision. Was I tired, intoxicated, or in love? Or was I sober, asleep, and alone? ” ― Jarod Kintz
"I think I deserve a predictable unlock level"
(created by Jemann on 10:27, 30 May 2022)
Edit note (31 Dec '13)
This post is now largely irrelevant because the option it was concerned with has been overhauled and simplified (no difficulty challenge, unlock level of […]
Merry Christmas from the wiki!
(created by Aximillio on 05:19, 27 March 2021)
It's that time of the year again. If you see any sacks big enough to store a gentlewoman/man/being, be sure not to enter, or something horrible might happen. But if you place Bottle of Greyfields 1868 First Sporing in it instead all shall be well and all matter of things shall be well. Unless it […]
Proposal : Usage of ₥ sign as "omitted" sign
(created by Nedemmons on 22:41, 22 March 2021)
In my attempt to reduce amount excessive text due to word count limit, I decided to suggest a symbol, as "[…]
Important: New Wiki Policy
(created by ZDee on 22:28, 22 March 2021)
Hello, fellow Londoners of the Fallen persuasion!

Please remember: story snippets quoted here from the game may no longer exceed 250 characters. Editing Guidelines has been revised to include this new policy. I thank you for your time in reading this message, and I welcome your future […]
Hallowmas 2013 (The Feast of Masks), Sunless Sea and more
(created by Vae Victis on 22:50, 17 November 2021)
Sunless Sea

The Sunless Sea Kickstarter was a huge success, not only was the game funded, but the funding even covered the first stretch goal! Soon you'll be able to prowl the traitorous waters of the Unterzee and explore the mysteries of its Stygian depths. A big thanks to everyone who helped […]
Enigmatic Snippets - where did they came from?
(created by Nedemmons on 12:37, 8 September 2013)
This page is currently Unfinished - Let's hope that this one would be nicer than Jasper and Frank.

Higher than 160 Unpredictable Treasures results? :
Inside the niche: a skeleton hand,a teardrop-curved bottle. Perhaps there was more to the skeleton, but now there is only a thick white paste […]
The Übergoat, The Stalker and the revival of Second Chances
(created by Aximillio on 23:15, 3 June 2021)
This month has brought an array of changes. Some of the most important things include, but are not limited to:

Tutorials and Guides

Screenshot Tutorial for Editing has revived the editing guidelines. So if you're stumped at how you actually add a template to a page, what source mode actually […]
Posting framework - for Copy and Paste
(created by Nedemmons on 03:06, 27 May 2021)
ID: .flw-spoiler{text-align:center;background:#666653;color:#EEEEEE;border:1px solid #9E9586;margin-bottom:10px}.mw-parser-output .flw-major-spoiler{text-align:center;background:#17202A;color:#B03528;border:1px solid #85929E;margin-bottom:10px}.mw-parser-output […]
Sunless Sea: the Fallen London video game's Kickstarter has launched!
(created by ZDee on 18:07, 15 February 2021)
Navigate, survive, explore! Roam a vast underground ocean in a customised steamship. Trade with strange new lands. Battle sea monsters. Smuggle souls. Seduce your crew. Go mad and hallucinate lizards.

The Kickstarter has begun! will […]
A Comic, Random Oddities, Expired Coffee, Spreadsheets, Difficulties, and Images.
(created by ZDee on 22:35, 22 March 2021)
Sounds like a typical day for a FBG staff member? ...No, it's the content that's been released in the past few weeks! :D

Sophia & Soap's Comic

She's an academic with a dark secret. He's an Unfinished Clay Man. Together, they hunt monsters.
A Pinch Of Snuff is a 6-page introduction to the […]
Broad Difficulty has changed!
(created by Vae Victis on 20:24, 4 July 2013)
The new Broad difficulty scaler is 60%, falling in line with all other StoryNexus stories. Please confirm that the difficulty field in every article shows the new scaler and not the old one.

Over and out.
The Forgotten Quarter gets a makeover
(created by Jemann on 23:15, 17 November 2021)
By now I'm sure you've all seen the changes made to the Forgotten Quarter. Formerly a temporary destination on your way to a University Fellowship, it's now home to repeatable expeditions and treasure hunts. Some changes:

The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter is a random quality (a […]
Casual : Some intriguing but minor bug pics that I recorded.
(created by Nedemmons on 12:36, 25 June 2013)
These pictures are screenshot of bugs that got fixed or way too minor to report. I decided to show them as conversation pieces. Also, I wanted to try pratice wiki tools that are seldom used. Who knows, it might become handy later.

Also, these pictures only shows up if you click "Read More >" […]
The Airs of London are stranger than usual
(created by Vae Victis on 18:11, 18 June 2013)
Recently I've been using different actions that change The Airs of London, mainly in the Time in bed storylet in my Lodgings, but also in other places. It seems that the increases and decreases that were previously determined are incorrect and my Airs value is simply randomly set. At first I […]
Happy Spending
(created by Aximillio on 08:32, 14 April 2018)
In our occasional news feed some interesting cases have appeared:

We've just got our own Bazaar guide on the wiki. This contains the different shops and what they sell.Visit The Echo Bazaar! to find out more!
With the Bazaar update came new sell and buy messages, which the wiki obviously is […]
Temporary Events have moved, weapons have been updated, and more!
(created by ZDee on 22:24, 22 March 2021)
The top green navigation bar has been updated:

"Temporary Events"/holiday/unique timed events or whatever you wanna call 'em have been moved to the Retired section as "Seasonal Events". These are the cards and storylets of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, All Hallows' Eve, or visits from Mr […]
Retired content is now archived!
(created by ZDee on 18:36, 10 May 2013)
There's a new special section for retired content. A link is located under the "Stories" tab of the top green navigation bar.

Several deleted pages were restored earlier and tagged as "Retired" for your viewing pleasure.
Some notables:
The Orient connected card

Learn from your Oriental […]
Your everyday pets just got a little better!
(created by Aximillio on 10:34, 30 May 2022)
As quite a few of you already know (especially if you've read the forum post), Pets just had their bonuses updated. 

This means that a Bifurcated Owl, that previously had
+2 in D/P/S/W; +1 Bizarre/Dreaded before now has +5 D/P/S/W and +2 Bizarre/Dreaded.
This obviously meant our pages had the […]
Contacts & Quirks: a new cataloging system
(created by ZDee on 16:26, 23 March 2021)
Hi, guys! You've probably noticed the changes to the classification of Connections and Quirks. To account for the increased prominence of Connections, a new system is in place. Please use it:

Connected: Bohemian is increasing...
(tag page with category "Bohemian Gain")
Connected: the Duchess is […]
Trivia: Choose Watcher as your Profession (The Great Game Connection Card)
(created by Vae Victis on 22:36, 22 March 2021)
In my ongoing search for RL references and inspiration in FL (cue theme from The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar) I've stumbled on the Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game card. The Watcher profession option has the line "They also serve who only stand and watch."

That is […]
Failing to Record Success
(created by ZDee on 09:10, 5 April 2013)
I've decided to stop recording these messages:

You succeeded in a […]
Trivia: Lilac inspirations?
(created by Vae Victis on 16:12, 30 March 2013)
It's always intriguing to get inside the mind of a writer - to see what drives them, where they draw their inspiration. In the case of the Lilac card, I think I can make a good guess:

The woman in the lilac dress is very similar to Lady Roberta Meserole (or Madam, or Aunty) from Terry Pratchett's […]
Are we 'occasionally seen at Mr Wines' Revels' or not??
(created by ZDee on 22:33, 22 March 2021)
I am haunted by the thought that I might have erred in my recent revisions for the following pages:

Turn on the charm
Impress her with your knowledge of science
Give up on this 4
Do the bidding of Mr Wines
DEAR MASTERS, I can't recall the exact wording! *flails armsO_O
A) Occasionally seen at Mr […]
Relic Pages
(created by ZDee on 22:27, 22 March 2021)
While sorting through the Article Stubs category in a feverish daze, I discovered this category page:

...Huh, what? I suppose it's a placeholder for page drafts.
"Article Imports" has four pages I've never seen till now:
1) Major Characters
It lists all the Masters, their […]
Surviving the End of the Feast
(created by Funkimonster on 21:56, 1 March 2013)
Well guys, although the Bazaar fought back, we managed to record the changing storylets and actions. Now all that's left is adding in categories and some polishing up and we're good to go until the next update. Thanks for the input guys!
Updated difficulty levels
(created by Jemann on 10:33, 30 May 2022)
Update (10/4/13)

The new difficulty system is now documented on the Broad difficulty page. There are calculators and everything.
Original post
Difficulty watch: 60% (5 July '13)
The devs have messed with the challenge levels. I'll quote Tesuji (writing here on the official forums), since he's […]
The Silver Tree
(created by Jemann on 03:48, 22 October 2012)
Just a short post to note that:

Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree is launching soon;
It's part of the Fallen London-verse, so I assume we will cover it here;
Paid content, as always, should not be added to the wiki. That includes any backer-exclusive rewards, unless someone can […]
The Silver Tree Kickstarter
(created by JAlbor on 23:30, 14 August 2012)
Failbetter Games have just recently launched a Kickstarter project for their stand-alone Fallen London prequel The Silver Tree. It has already reached its funding goal and surpassed it two-times over! The game is still accepting backers if you are interested.
For more information on the game as […]
Location Specific Opportunity Cards
(created by Aryenke on 13:51, 3 February 2023)
New place to put these: Category:Location_specific_cards — Aximillio (talk) 22:24, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

I think I have a good enough list to start putting these someplace more easily accessible. I was thinking of the Places page - and I put an example here at The University page. If you […]
The Neverending Festival
(created by Jemann on 22:31, 7 February 2012)
How interesting:

Betterblog: A new era in actions
Relevant excerpt:

Very soon, we're going to remove the daily action cap for everyone. To prevent people tearing through both our content and our servers, we're going to tweak the action refresh time to every ten not every seven minutes... but that […]
(created by Harry2469 on 16:14, 23 March 2021)
Oh lookie all the stubs now have 2 stub identifyers now. It seems that pages with insufficiant content are now automatically stamped as a stub as opossed to the wiki's users having to append non-complete articals with {Stub} to show they need information. I cant help but wonder what the wiki […]
(created by Neonix on 22:58, 31 January 2012)
Quick! It's starting! Now is the perfect time to jump in and GRRRRIIIIIIINNNDDDD!

Neonix (talk) 22:58, January 31, 2012 (UTC)
Message Wall
(created by Neonix on 08:16, 31 January 2012)
From wikia

Message Wall is a new feature that replaces User Talk Pages. I've recently activated it on our wiki - please let me know if you approve! It should be easier to leave messages and keep track of the ones you receive (or so it says so, anyway). Give it a try!
Neonix (talk) 08:16, January […]
Festival of Endless Actions
(created by Demidronik on 17:40, 28 January 2012)
On Febuary 1st and 2nd, you will have infinite actions on Echo Bazaar. The only limit is how many actions your candle(s) can hold, your candle(s) will continue to generate actions at the standard rate all throughout those two days.

For the official announcement you may check the folloing […]
New Wikia Editor
(created by Neonix on 23:29, 21 June 2011)
Greetings, fellow Fallen Londoners!

Wikia has just released a new version of its Page Editor. I thought maybe we could try it out for a week or two, please let me know what you think. :)
--Neonix (talk) 23:29, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
House of Chimes
(created by Neonix on 22:41, 18 May 2022)
New from betterblog.

Again I must remind everyone that fate-locked content is strictly off-limits! If you find anything that violates this rule, let us know by posting in the Forums or by leaving a message on my talk page. (We tend to miss comments on the individual pages you see!)
More on Editing […]
(created by Neonix on 22:26, 13 May 2011)
Echo Bazaar is starting up a new project for community contributors -- Illumination!

To quote:

What is an Illuminate?
An Echo Bazaar player that we provide with preview information on upcoming content, and who we'll talk to a little more freely about design motives, background info and […]
We are now THE wiki.
(created by Neonix on 03:19, 31 March 2011)
as requested by Varissaelle:

We have now merged with making this the EchoBazaar resource on wikia. Their wiki now redirects to ours, and so I'm hoping to see new faces! :D
Neonix (talk) 03:19, March 31, 2011 (UTC)
Disambiguation Pages
(created by Neonix on 10:07, 27 March 2011)
Introducing the newest addition to our wiki: Disambiguation pages!

Disambiguation is the process of resolving ambiguity — the conflict that occurs when a term is closely associated with two or more different topics. In many cases, this word or phrase is the "natural" title of more than one […]
(created by Neonix on 14:21, 25 September 2013)
In the spirit of positive reinforcement, I present the newest addition to the Fallen London Archives - Achievement Badges!
I expect that in the next few days, everyone will be doing their best to improve the wiki to wrack up those points. ;) Try not to achievement grind by just editing […]
New Inventory Slots!
(created by Neonix on 20:35, 2 March 2011)

Expect new categories for our Item pages once they implement this in game. (Or we just might need a brand new categorizing scheme! Let me know if you have any ideas.)

Neonix 20:35, March 2, 2011 (UTC)
Exceptional Friends!
(created by Neonix on 18:44, 23 February 2011)
It is sad day! Free players are now reduced to a mere 40 actions per day (50 with refresh). :( That means I have to reduce the senseless grinding somewhat... Nevertheless, we must persevere!

Neonix 18:44, February 23, 2011 (UTC)
Recent changes
(created by Neonix on 06:29, 19 February 2011)
Hello everyone! It's only been 3 months since we first made this wiki, and we're approaching 2.5k pages already! :D Needless to say I'm very proud of what we've accomplished, but of course there's always room for improvement.

I recently added more links to the dropdown menus (see above) […]