Proposal: Changes to the wiki's skin

From Fallen London Wiki

One of the most common (and deserved) complaints about the wiki is regarding its skin. While the wiki was in development, I did enough to get the skin to a state which I deemed acceptable, but graphic design is very far from my passion, and I'll absolutely admit that the skin leaves much to be desired - many of the decisions made were made with little consideration of "what looks good", since I have no idea how to make things look good. -w-

Thankfully, some users (User:Illuminatiswag, User:Storm, User:Thorsb) have taken the initiative to make some CSS tweaks in an attempt to improve the skin, for which I'm utterly grateful.

I've implemented their suggestions as a Gadget named "Skin Rework", enabled by default - logged-in users can disable it, if desired, from Special:Preferences.

Please give your feedback on these tweaks! I'd love to be able to have a skin that I'm actually pleased with, instead of one about which I'm merely ambivalent.