Fixing the Front Page

From Fallen London Wiki

Let's just admit it. Our front page has seen better days.

For one, the latest activity box doesn't work and thinking about it, I can't remember when it did...

Also nobody's used the forum the last few years and why would they, when we use blog posts instead?

As such, I propose some changes. I removed some code and put the rest at User:Aximillio/Test, but as I'm doing this anyway, I figured I'd ask whether there were some other things people would like to see on the front page? Or maybe something less? Does this work on phones for instance?

Also: I've been looking at the shortcuts (places, stories etc.) and I've been thinking that some of the links, such as Storylets are a bit hard to navigate and that maybe some other things should go there instead. Such as the Making your name-stories or something else. Any suggestions or other thoughts on this?

Edit: I just realized this was an ongoing discussion already. That's what happens when you're gone for a while, I guess...