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As watchful eyes on the forums and here on the wiki have spotted, the hedonist option on the Give a Gift! A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words card has changed.

According to a post by Chris Gardiner, this seems to be an upcoming change to how quirks work. So if you find an option that unlocks with quirks at the new levels, remember to check if it's up-to-date on the wiki as well, because these will likely change in the (near) future!

Quote from said post:

1) Quirk increases will come in three bands. Easily accessible, repeatable content can increase them to 5. Less common content (like opportunity cards or the end of content strands like archaeological expeditions) can increase them to 10. One-off content (like Ambitions) or more risky content (like a laudanum habit) will allow them to rise as high as 15.

2) An increase in one quirk will tend to be coupled with a decrease in another. While some quirks will be reliably opposed (austere and hedonist, for example) most quirk changes will be situational. Sometimes increasing Steadfast will be at the cost of Subtle, other times it might reduce Ruthless.

3) Quirks will play more of a role in content. They'll act as keys to unlock new branches with alternate costs, rewards or outcomes. You may have seen some experiments with this approach in the recent Bag a Legend update. Minor branches will unlock with a quirk of 4, significant ones with a quirk of 8, and very rare exceptional branches with a quirk of 12. You won't often spend quirks. If you've worked to get a high quirk we want you to enjoy the benefits of it.