The Übergoat, The Stalker and the revival of Second Chances

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This month has brought an array of changes. Some of the most important things include, but are not limited to:

Tutorials and Guides[edit]


Screenshot Tutorial for Editing has revived the editing guidelines. So if you're stumped at how you actually add a template to a page, what source mode actually means, or wonder where you can experiment with code without messing anything up, it's definitely worth a read. In fact, it's worth reading anyway. There are also some other guides over at Guides.

Tier 3 Professions[edit]


New Professions have appeared! In order to get an upgraded profession, you'll need two points of Notability. Note that you lose a level of this when time heals your wounds, around once a week, so be quick about getting it.

Notability can be gained by spending Making Waves on a visit from Slowcake's Amanuensis card. If the card RNG is against you, you can use your influence to invite Slowcake's Amanuensis for a visit when attending to matters of society and scandal at your lodgings. (This requires Making Waves 15+, and before choosing this option, you should equip your best Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable gear, as these will ease the challenge.) Apparently, you can also use Favourable Circumstance to draw the card.

Once you've gained Notability 2, wait for an unsigned message to arrive. This can take a while, depending on your luck. This opportunity will allow you to select your advancement in professions.



A new beast sneakily made its way to Fallen London. Players were led on a merry chase, but Goethe's goat has finally been found:

Second Chances[edit]


Finally, Second Chances now has a better use than previously. They can now be used in multiples of 5 to increase the relevant stat. The storylet in which you do this can be at your lodgings under Invite a friend to join you in something potentially dangerous. and similar. The increase is substantial, but random - though it's definitely worth a go!



The Sunless Sea Kickstarter has started! If you believe in this awesome game, this is an amazing opportunity to show it. Conveniently enough, you may get some bonus stash as well!

Other News[edit]


Those of you active on the community forum will have noticed some issues with our relationship to FBG. We are in contact with FBG on the matter, and the issues shouldn't be too hard to resolve. Any changes due to this will come in a different blog.

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