Your everyday pets just got a little better!

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As quite a few of you already know (especially if you've read the forum post), Pets just had their bonuses updated. 

This means that a Bifurcated Owl, that previously had

+2 in D/P/S/W; +1 Bizarre/Dreaded before now has +5 D/P/S/W and +2 Bizarre/Dreaded.

This obviously meant our pages had the wrong values, so we've adjusted them, as you can see on the :Category:Pets page and each pet's individual page. We've also added the Adopted Daughter, as it was missing.

That being said, it's possible some pets have slipped. Rare/hard-to-get pets are most exposed, but other pets might be off as well. Therefore, if you find anything incorrect on these pages, please either tell us in the talk/comments sections of the relevent pages (or this one) or edit it yourself =)