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Oh lookie all the stubs now have 2 stub identifyers now. It seems that pages with insufficiant content are now automatically stamped as a stub as opossed to the wiki's users having to append non-complete articals with {Stub} to show they need information. I cant help but wonder what the wiki considers as non-sufficiant enough to warrant a stub, that has been on my mind for some time now, but i've been to SAP to ask an admin because it's such a minor thing. I would classify it as having very impropper formating or be missing some important information. I guess that now i dont need to worry about it because it will be done for me, but damn am i curious. But you know what they say "Curiosity stravled the cat" and i dont want to be straveling. I now need to remember to resist the urge to 1: stub whenever i add something that's not complete. and 2: unstub ALL the things so that i dont feel greedy for all the points it will give me. Wish me luck ^_^