Enigmatic Snippets - where did they came from?

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Higher than 160 Unpredictable Treasures results? :

  • Inside the niche: a skeleton hand,a teardrop-curved bottle. Perhaps there was more to the skeleton, but now there is only a thick white paste coating the floor, and a the faint trace of a smell like salted fish. This is scratched on the wall in the script of the Fourth: YOU SHALL NOT HAVE THIS WHICH IS MINE.

You lift the bottle cautiously. Even the touch of the ceramic surface brings a wash of deadly sadness. 

One more thing: a trowel, an ancient bucket caked with mortar. This niche was sealed from the inside.

  • Symbols like coiled dice mark their bases: one of the holier priest-alphabets of the Third City. These were the names of gods: gods banished here beneath the world. Do they still walk? Do these names still have power?
  • Who were they? Would they have embraced in life or were they laid together? Their robes are adorned with plaques of jade: their skulls will fetch something as curiosities. Though you shudder unexpectedly at the touch of the smooth scalp, as if stung by ivory electricity.

(Pet) Fungal Pony : Was this shaggy little villain grown in Bugsby's Marshes? = +1 Dangerous

Ambition: Enigma : Why are you here? Are you here at all? (Famous one, this.)

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