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Echo Bazaar is starting up a new project for community contributors -- Illumination!

To quote:

What is an Illuminate?
An Echo Bazaar player that we provide with preview information on upcoming content, and who we'll talk to a little more freely about design motives, background info and longer-term intentions. We'll communicate with Illuminates through a protected Twitter account at @EBZIllumination. In turn, Illuminates help and guide other players, spreading the word about what's coming soon, advising on age-old philosophical questions like 'Where can I get more Foxfire Candle Stubs?" and "why do you misspell 'sailors'?", and mediating between confusion and delight.

I've applied - a peek behind the curtain! Imagine! - and I do need your help. If you agree that I should try out for the position, do send them a nomination (my Twitter is @neonixv) :D

I also encourage others to join! 'Tis a fun thing!

--Neonix (talk) 22:26, May 13, 2011 (UTC)