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Hello everyone! It's only been 3 months since we first made this wiki, and we're approaching 2.5k pages already! :D Needless to say I'm very proud of what we've accomplished, but of course there's always room for improvement.


I recently added more links to the dropdown menus (see above) for easier navigation. Please give feedback if you want any links added/removed to it. :)


Right now we're spamming the Editing Guidelines page with suggestions and corrections. It works, but the page now looks cluttered and is prone to TL;DR, which is bad news for newbie editors (who are probably wondering how the wiki works) and veterans (who have to clean up after them) alike.

I'll be looking into activating our wiki forum soon to clear up this issue. :) If there's anybody out there with prior experience (or is willing to learn) with the wikia forum style, please make yourselves known! We could use all the help we can get. 'Till then, all suggestions meant to be viewed by the admins should go to the Editing Guidelines page, or to the talk pages of any of the admins.

If you do have something useful or helpful to add on specific topics, commenting on individual articles is probably best. :) Just keep in mind that it might be a while before anybody sees your comment, and it will take some time for people to respond to it.


Tell your Fallen London friends about the site! ;) The more people there are, the faster we can get the site up-to-date with new content.


This first blog is a test about this feature. Tell us what you think about it as a way of disseminating updates about the site (as opposed to my randomly updating the Editing Guidelines page without prior warning. :P)

Neonix 06:29, February 19, 2011 (UTC)