Cheese Trick for Firefox

From Fallen London Wiki

If you are an editor of this wiki, you may have come across a situation when you have played the game and just did something that updated a quality that you forgot to update its wiki entry for.

For example, you have done something that increases the level of a quality. The quality has descriptions that change according to its levels. You forgot to update the description of the previous level on the wiki before it is increased for your character.

There is a way to salvage this if you are a Firefox user. You can close the tab that you were using to play Fallen London, and then reopen it back using Ctrl+Shift+T. This brings back the window, but with data from your browser's cache prior to whatever you did before you updated the quality. You should be able to see the quality at its previous level.

This does not affect the actual qualities of your character; the data for that is kept server-side at Failbetter.