Bottle the brew with the Vake's Claw

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From: Ambition: Bag a Legend! - Concocting a Curved-Talon Absinthe

Some drinks are bottled with flecks of lead, some with a tiny serpent. The claw will infuse it with the Vake's dream-perspective.

Unlocked with Ambition: Bag a Legend! exactly 360, 1 x Vake Claw


Unorthodox bottling methods

Let the Vake find this when it opens the bottle. Let it be reunited with its missing talon.

[…] The liquid is black, except when it isn't there at all, and the bottle clinks as though a nail were faintly tapping on it from the inside.

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Success Instructions: Go back to London to send this bottle to the Vake with your compliments.