Breed the Plated Seal 2

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From: Just Keep the Devils Away

Perhaps the cold zee holds the secret.

Unlocked with 1 x Plated Seal

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


Strange thing to write on a snake

[…]Its hood bears the Correspondence symbol for 'A gift to remind a woman of something best forgotten'[…]

Strange thing to write on a serpent if you ask me. Although the Dilmun Club did ask very nicely to be told if anything like that showed up. Hmm

Description summary:
A twenty feet long cobra with a midnight blue belly.

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Good boots

[…] The Bishop turns to you and says, 'That's the Correspondence, isn't it? Make a fine pair of boots, this thing will. About the only good one can do with a serpent. It pleaseth me to walk upon the skin of our enemies!'

Description summary:
After the usual consumption and parturition, what emerges from the trap door is an enormous midnight-blue acid-fanged cobra hooded with Correspondence. The unflappable vergers promptly shoot the beast. The Bishop is unimpressed.

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