Breed the Plated Seal 4

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From: Breeding through Discipline

Perhaps the cold zee holds the secret.

Unlocked with 1 x Plated Seal

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


Don't go for the nuns

[…]Its hood bears the Correspondence symbol for 'A gift to remind a woman of something best forgotten'.

The Bishop turns to you and says, 'Look, I said no serpents, but[…]we'll give this one a go. But if it goes for the nuns, I'm going to shoot it.'

Description summary:
The bat devours your seal with gusto. The resulting progeny is magnificent: twenty feet of lustrous, powerful cobra. Even the Bishop is impressed. Cautiously.

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Crawling on the belly

[…] slithering on a midnight blue belly. A cobra! […]

Shots ring out. The snake spasms and dies. […] 'Look, I told you before, no serpents! I'm not hunting devils with anything that crawls on its belly! And that includes the Bishop of St Fiacre's!'

Description summary:
But is the prelate of St Fiacre's twenty feet long and dripping with acidic venom? Still, the Bishop is adamant. No serpents.

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