Breed the Plated Seal 6

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From: Fungus and Pious Wrath

Perhaps the cold zee holds the secret.

Unlocked with 1 x Plated Seal

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


The future of warfare?

[…] 'What we got […] was a giant fire-spitting lobster. And anyone who can't think up a use for a giant fire-spitting lobster—or, more pertinently, for a thousand of them—has no damn business in the clergy. Bloody good work. Bloody good work.'[…]

Description summary:
The Bishop is pleased with his nephropidian flamethrowers. He extols you to keep up your work for the good fight - and presents you with a harrowing book on the Fourteenth Crusade.

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Accidents happen

[…]That evening the Bishop sits before of you and rubs the sore, pink skin where only that morning he kept his eyebrows. 'When given the gift of a cow-sized, fire-spitting lobster, it is considered churlish not to say thank you. So thank you.' […]

Description summary:
A little more discipline, and these fiery darlings could make up a regiment. Meanwhile, though, an encounter with one needs to be followed by a steadying drink. Or ten. My, the Bishop knows some juicy secrets.

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