Breed the Somnolent Hyaena 5

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From: Toadstools and a Stick

Consign the creature to its fate.

Unlocked with 1 x Somnolent Hyaena

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


What's the harm?

[…] The bishop seems delighted.

'Handsome, isn't he? Look at the arms! Make a fine opening spinner, that one. Let him go. What harm can he do? A fine effort - I've got some diaries of sinners for you here.'

Description summary:
A slender golden youth with damp curls and a peacefull smile, unusually long arms and the wrong number of fingers

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Never again

[…]He looks at you and smiles. He looks hungry. A shot rings out, and the young man collapses, dead.

The Bishop lowers his revolver and turns to you. 'Never again,' he says. 'Never again.' His hands are shaking.

Description summary:
After the usual moist crunchings and transformative shuddering, what walks out of there is a red-haired, moustached man, wearing nothing but oozing afterbirth and a... hungry smile. Before he can so much as say hello, the Bishop shoots him dead with a trembling hand, repeating the words "Never again" over and over.

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