Breed the Tomb-Lion 3

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From: A Firm Hand

Perhaps nobility of aspect will matter more than the smell.

Unlocked with 1 x Tomb-Lion

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


A handsome fellow

[…]The cat twirls about the Bishop's ankles. He waves a stern finger at it. 'Don't try that with me, you furry intriguer! You're after my secrets! Well, it won't work this time. You are handsome, though, aren't you? Who's a pretty cat, then?'

Description summary:
A common-looking long-haired tabby cat with cold green eyes

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An unsettling change

[…]'What was it, would you say? When it changed? Like a...a horse? Or an eel?.' You suggest a lamprey[…]

'[…] Easy to get lost in the details of mushrooms and infernal influence, and to forget that this is supposed to be God's business[…]

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