Bring in the Silk-Clad Expert as a Paid Assistant (30 FATE)

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From: Adjust the Staffing of your Lab

You have not seen her in a long while. She has been busy, but she is as inclined to experiment as ever.

Game Instructions: The Expert knows a great deal about biology, particularly that of spiders. She is also able to produce small amounts of Parabolan Research without going to Parabola. Once you have gained access to the Expert with Fate, you will be able to dismiss and re-hire her freely.

Unlocked with Learning from a Silk-Clad Expert 8-10, The Prestige of your Laboratory 2

Locked with Number of Workers in your Laboratory at least Number of Worktables in your Laboratory, Laboratory Services from the Silk-clad Expert

Cost: 30 FATE


No reward narrative information available for Fate-locked actions.