Bring the Starved Men what they need

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From: Light Fingers: The Starved Men's Requirements

Fortunately your zeppelin's hold is crammed with all sorts of odds-and-ends you carried up from London, just in case.

Game Instructions: It will be a while before you can return to London.

Unlocked with 3000 x Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax, 30 x Memory of Light, 1 x Searing Enigma, 25 x Muscaria Brandy, 1 x Night-Whisper


The shimmering gate

[…] they baptise it with the brandy and rub the wax into its glim-shell […] The moon-mother's carapace unfolds […] A gap thin enough to pass through. […] You and Dr Vaughan step through, carrying a gravid Clara […]

Description summary:
With the help of the Starved Men you go into the moon-miser and cross into Parabola.

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