Business on Watchmaker's Hill

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[It] stands on the edge of Bugsby's Marshes. You couldn't call the air here fresh, but at least it hosts a novel family of odours. Climb high! Fill your lungs! Actually, perhaps it's best to wait until you're further from that clump of purple fungus.

Unlocked with A Name Scrawled in Blood 2

Storylet appears in Watchmaker's Hill

Rats in your lunch:


Make your name! Try to resume your picnic

Encounters: ( The Airs of London)


Encounter: an enthusiastic outing ( Airs 0–25)


Encounter: a loutish band ( Airs 26–50)


Encounter: a lady needs a bodyguard for the night ( Airs 51–75)


Encounter: a sleep-deprived astronomer ( Airs 76–100)