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Wiki note: Starting in 2021, the free eggs and the eggs available with an Amber Ha'penny change every year; eggs available without the currency may require it the next year and vice-versa.

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From: The Reliable Eggmonger (2022)

"You can see shapes moving beneath the skin of this one!" The youth pauses. "Or, ah, shell? Either way – them wiggles mean it's a winner."

Unlocked with 40 x Piece of Rostygold


Unwillingly Employed

"The rosty's for paying the toughs, y'see." […] "The Specials were on us right quick this year – they're really not happy about this new egg. […]

The Eggmonger chews his lip, his brow furrowed, […] giving your egg a little tap. It gives a gelatinous wobble. […]

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