Whitsun (historical)

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This is how Whitsun has developed over the years. If you have anything to fill in, please do =)

Whitsun 1898 (2020)[edit]

This was the year of the first Whitsun. It was announced on the 27th of April, and took place from the 11th to the 22nd of May.

At the start of the festival, players received x 3 Amber Ha'penny and could purchase more for FATE. Apart from being used on directly egg-based options, these could be spent on a Highly Illegal Experimental Augmentation Device (Probably) - 5 Ha'pennies could buy one either for yourself or for a friend - or on acquiring the Numismatrix's laboratory services more permanently, for 3 Ha'pennies.

After a lengthy absence, De Gustibus returned. It was no longer possible to offer them So-Called Snow, So-Called Snow and a Silent Soul or A River in a Box, but it was still possible to trade a Vial of Masters' Blood for A Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book, making it once more possible to obtain this item. Options were added to offer them various eggs, or a Forty-Nine_Voiced Warbler; giving the Warbler removed all Favours: Fingerkings and Favours: Society as well as conferring some menaces, but it also gave a vanity quality ( Caused a Scene at the Apicius Club) so naturally many people did it anyway.

Players could purchase Aged Eggs and Scarlet Eggs from the The Reliable Eggmonger (1898), then either enlighten or invigorate it - or simply leave it untreated. They could then do a number of different things with it;

  • Fully invigorated or enlightened eggs could also be sent to other players at a cost of x 1 Amber Ha'penny, causing it to instantly hatch into one of four animal Companions, or given to an infernal tailor to be made into one of four items of clothing at a cost of x 3 Amber Ha'penny.
  • Eggs could be given to the Apicius Club for a variety of rewards. Most notably, selling fully invigorated or enlightened eggs gave a substantial amount of Making Waves; it was revealed that this was a deliberate design choice to allow those attempting to get enough Notability to become Paramount Presences of the Ancient Regime Paramount Presence of the Ancient Regime before the cutoff on June 3rd to participate in the festival without feeling they were wasting valuable time.

Various options throughout the festival allowed you to gain Speculation about Whitsun; enough of this allowed players with a newspaper to Publish a Whitsun Edition.

The options to purchase new eggs were removed at around 11AM UTC on the 22nd, and all unhatched eggs were removed at the same time on the 25th.

Whitsun 1899 (2021)[edit]

Whitsun began on the 10th of May; originally it was meant to end on the May 21st, but due to server issues it was extended by three days.

Those with A Pendant of Helicon Amber received an extra Amber Ha'penny this year. A new egg was added (the Percipient Egg), with a corresponding 10 Companions - eight hatched normally and two via social actions - and two new items of clothing. Smashing open a partially enlightened Percipient Egg was the only source of the new item Obsidian Chitin Tail. Purchasing the Scarlet Egg now cost x 1 Amber Ha'penny; breaking open the egg would refund the Ha'penny.

Selling enlightened or invigorated eggs to the Apicius Club now increased De Gustibus: Eggxhaustion, which prevented you selling more than two such eggs to them over the course of the event. The reward for selling Aged Eggs at the Bone Market was decreased from x 40 Bessemer Steel Ingot to x 10 Bessemer Steel Ingot.

The options to buy eggs closed at about 12 noon UTC on May 24th, and unhatched eggs were removed at about 8AM UTC on the 27th.

Whitsun 1899 (2022)[edit]

Whitsun ran from 9th May - 20th May.

It featured a new egg type, the Pelagic Egg, with the usual 10 companions. Unusually, only one of the Sartorial options was an item of clothing, the other being the Mesmeric Parasol, a weapon. Smashing open a partially invigorated Pelagic Egg was the only source of the new Segmented Ribcage, but it was promised that more sources would be added soon.

The Scarlet Eggs were once again available without spending Ha'pennies. Aged Eggs and Percipient Eggs cost x 1 Amber Ha'penny; it was revealed in the initial announcement for the festival that the available eggs would henceforth rotate each year.

The reward for selling Scarlet Eggs at the Bone Market was decreased from x 40 Nightsoil of the Bazaar to x 10 Nightsoil of the Bazaar after a brief frenzy when people realised that this was a 20 SPA grind.

It became possible to give up to 2 x Hellworm Milk to a Questionable Cheesemonger, to be aged over a real-life year and collected the next Whitsun.

Whitsun 1899 (2023)[edit]

Whitsun ran from 11th May - 22nd May.

It featured a new kind of augment, the Bellic Augmentation, which produced weapons. This year only invigorated eggs could receive this augment, but the initial announcement confirmed that it would be available for enlightened eggs as well the next year. The Aged and Percipient Eggs were once again available without spending Ha'pennies.

This year was also the first opportunity for those who had entrusted Hellworm Milk to the Questionable Cheesemonger to receive the fruits of their labour - a Ripened Wheel of Hellworm Cheese, which could be offered to the Apicius Society once. It was also possible to offer a Noman to the Apicius Club if you'd managed to keep one alive that long, gaining the vanity item Memories of a Doubled Spring.

Whitsun 1899 (2024)[edit]

Whitsun ran from 9th May - 20th May.

The Bellic Augmentation could be applied to enlightened as well as invigorated eggs. The Pelagic and Scarlet Eggs were available without spending Ha'pennies.

This year, the Summer Nursery, an activity available for any player who hatched at least one egg, was introduced, costing 20 FATE. Access had to be purchased during the event via The Summer Nursery: An Invitation, but the activity can be played year-round.