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From: Ambition: Bag a Legend! – The Sisterhood

The Mother Superior says, "The Corsairs have got our supply steamer again. Can you take pity on penniless nuns and help us out with a few things from London? And then we can have a nice long chat."

Unlocked with 2000 x Rat on a String, 1000 x Silk Scrap, 2 x Cellar of Wine, 2 x Collection of Curiosities


The real work

Your crew and the sisters drag the crated supplies […] The Mother Superior wants to speak with you […]


"[…] My sisters and I have been watching the Vake for many years. […]"

"So, you're ready for the real work. […] But you're going to need some training. […]"

Description summary:
After the sisters and your crew haul the supplies off your ship, the Mother Superior talks to you on a windy roof. The Mother Superior admires your hunting skills and is willing to take a chance on you to kill the Vake.

The Sisterhood was formerly a royal house in the Second City. Its members have kept an eye on the Masters for years.

But before you can kill the Vake, you'll need training.

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